Wednesday, September 19, 2012

@Pasha4Bedroc New Music Video #WannaGetBack


Pasha- Female Rapper from Flint, MI also known as the 1st Mistress of Hip Hop 
Official Website: www.pasha4bedrocrecords.com
Follow @pasha4bedroc Bed Roc Records
"Wanna Get Back" available at 
Produced by The iProducers 
Directed by Los Scorsese 
Edited by Mike Evans at The Ink Design Group
Copyright 2012

@JHYCELUVVIT Official Video - #AnaMae

Jhyce Luvvit Official Video 



Thursday, August 9, 2012

@Dave_Doe - She's Da Baddest Official Video

Dave Doe - She's Da Baddest

Here is the new Official Music Video for Detroit rapper Dave Doe entitled "She Da Baddest" from the upcoming album "Doe Over Everything".

Dave Doe - She Da Baddest
Produced by: Asar

Twitter: @Dave_Doe
Instagram: Dave_Doe
                             Debut Album Doe Over Everything Coming Soon

Thursday, July 26, 2012

@FiveSteez #WarForPeace Album Drops Aug. 21, 2012


Five Steez is a true MC that has surprisingly risen through an obscure Hip Hop scene in Jamaica, 
the land of Reggae, to capture ears and minds all over the world through years of mixtape releases, 
performances and music videos. With the city of Kingston as his backdrop, he expresses a reality 
that exemplifies Hip Hop’s role as the “voice of the voiceless”. 
Steez was born in Kingston, Jamaica on November 11, 1986. Throughout youth, music was his 
biggest fascination and as he grew older and wiser, he knew his calling was to speak to and for the 
"I need to tell my story and the stories of my peers who don’t have the platform I do. I hope I can 
show somebody something and change a life the way I’ve seen Hip Hop change lives already," he 
One cannot help but listen to  Steez and be reminded of Hip Hop’s golden era when skills, 
originality and substance were the focal points. “We’re in a new age and evolution is mandatory 
but the essence of the music has to be maintained,” he says.
Five Steez has already connected with the likes of New York City radio icon, DJ Ready Cee, for the 
“Momentum” mixtape series, which has received massive support worldwide and much praise 
from Hip Hop fans. 
The Five Steez debut album,  “War for Peace” will be released on Tuesday, August 21, 2012. He
describes it as new millennium boom-bap Hip Hop with a touch of Jazz,  Blues,  Soul, Reggae, 
Dancehall and Dub. Steez says, “It’s just real music for the people - especially the black, poor and 
oppressed  – seeking peace in their lives.” It is  certain that the sound and  lyrical content of this 
release will be unlike anything that has ever been heard coming out of Jamaica. 



Track Listing for War For Peace

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

@FleetModels Welcomes @ToriGr8ce to the @FleetDJs

Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 118
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta based model Tori Gr8ce is a lady that is on a mission. First things first, she is more than just a model, “I do hosting, music videos, plays, commercials, event planning, fashion shows, photography and even had roles in small independent films”, says the petite and attractive Georgia peach, she continues, “I am a woman of many faces”.
Born under the sign of Aquarius in February, this daughter of a career military man has lived all over the US and even in Europe for a year. It is her constant moving about that has contributed to her versatile life and ambitions.
Her ambition is to one day own her own radio station and her personal goal is to settle down with ‘Mr. Right’ and have a family.
She currently has blonde hair and when queried as to the age old saying, ‘Do blondes have more fun’, Ms. Gr8ce says, “I have had a ton of fun being a blonde (she chuckles)”.
Her pet peeve is liars and she enjoys reading, going to movies and crafts. Her favorite food is pasta and water is her preferred beverage. Tori considers herself lucky to be a part of a close knit family, which includes 3 sisters and 2 brothers (she ranks third).
When it comes to music, she enjoys the sounds of Chrisette Michelle, Boyz II Men and Jill Scott. Her favorite movie of all-time isThe Dark Crystal. Her favorite tv show isEverybody Loves Raymond. She expresses fondness for the acting talents of Will Smith and Tyra Banks. Her favorite book is Once and Future King.
If you want to really get on her good side, give her some lilies in Spring wrapped in her favorite color of purple.
“I describe myself as moody; sometimes I am bubbly, outspoken,” she pauses, “Depends on my mood”. A good meal seems to always brighten her spirits. “I love to eat”, she proclaims.
With her nice shape and well toned body one would never know.
“My motto is to embrace change”, she reflects, “It is the most important thing in life, to be able to adapt.”